2007 Colleges Wikipedia Possibilities. Related victims: Wild birds

2007 Colleges Wikipedia Possibilities. Related victims: Wild birds

A turkey is actually just one off several types of high wild birds regarding genus Meleagris. Turkeys are classified from the gamebird buy. Formerly, they were considered a distinct loved ones, Meleagrididae, but recently they were reclassified just like the a good subfamily (Meleagridinae) of your own pheasants as well as their partners. As with many galliform types, the feminine is smaller than the male, and far quicker colorful. Using their wingspans of just one.5-step 1.8 yards, new turkeys are by far the most significant wild birds in the open forests where they live, and are hardly mistaken for other kinds.

The modern domesticated turkey is made about Wild Turkey. The fresh new Ocellated Chicken try probably along with domesticated because of the Mayans. It’s been speculated that the varieties is more tractable than the northern equal, and you will is the reason of your present domesticated stock, but there’s no morphological facts to help with this concept. Specifically, the chest tuft out of residential turkeys try a definite indicator from descent in the Wild Turkey, given that Ocellated Turkey doesn’t always have which tuft.

Turkeys is generally hunted, especially the Insane Turkey within the United states. In the place of their domestic counterparts, the latest turkeys try careful and agile leaflets.


When Europeans basic discovered such variety regarding the Americas, it wrongly known these with the brand new African Helmeted Guineafowl (Numida meleagris), known as the newest turkey-cock from the importation to Main Europe compliment of Chicken, additionally the identity of these country stuck since the and the identity of your own American bird. The newest dilemma is even shown from the medical label: meleagris is actually Greek to possess guinea-fowl.

The new names to the domesticated Poultry various other languages also frequently mirror its exotic root, viewed from a classic World advice, and dilemma on the in which it really comes from. The countless records in order to India noticed in prominent labels get back to help you a combination of one or two facts: earliest, the real religion that freshly-discover Americas was in reality an integral part of East Asia, and you will next, the new tendency to feature unique develop for some type of put that during the time symbolized much-away from, exotic places. The latter is reflected with regards to like ” Muscovy Duck” (that is off South usa, maybe not Muscovy) and indeed is actually a major reasons why title “turkey-cock” are transferred to Meleagris variety.

Some other birds that are sometimes named “turkeys” aren’t for example directly relevant: new Australian brush-chicken try an effective megapode, therefore the bird known because the “Australian poultry” is clearly the fresh new Australian Bustard, an effective gruiform.

Asexual breeding

Turkeys are notable for their ability, rare amongst highest species, to replicate asexually. On absence of a male, females Turkeys are known to generate rich eggs. The individual introduced is normally sickly, and often men. This conduct normally hinder the fresh new incubation regarding eggs for the Turkey agriculture.

Fossil turkeys

Of many turkeys was in fact discussed regarding fossils. The fresh new Meleagridinae try identified on the Early Miocene (c.23 mya) beforehand, on the extinct genera Rhegminornis (Early Miocene off Bell, USA) and you will Proagriocharis (Kimball Late Miocene/Very early Pliocene out of Lime Creek, USA). The former is probably a basal turkey, one other a very modern bird much less just like identified turkeys; one another was far smaller wild birds. A turkey traditional perhaps not assignable so you can genus but just like Meleagris known on the Later Miocene off Westmoreland County, Virginia (Olson, 1985).

In the present genus Meleagris, a considerable number of varieties was indeed decribed, as the chicken fossils is actually robust, fairly often receive, and you may turkes tell you far variation certainly somebody. Most of these supposed traditional kinds are now actually felt junior synonyms. One, the fresh better-noted Ca Poultry Meleagris californica, turned extinct has just sufficient to have been hunted from the very early person settlers, even in the event the real dying is far more probably attributable to climate alter after the very last frost ages. The present day variety plus the California Turkey appear to have diverged whenever 1 million years back (Olson, 1985).

  • Meleagris sp. (Very early Pliocene away from Bones Area, USA)
  • Meleagris leopoldi (Later Pliocene off Cita Canyon, USA) – earlier Agriocharis
  • Meleagris progenes (Rexroad Late Pliocene, Meade State, USA) – earlier Agriocharis
  • Meleagris sp. (Late Pliocene from Macasphalt Layer Pit, USA)
  • Meleagris anza (Early Pleistocene of North park County, USA)
  • Meleagris californica (Later Pleistocene out-of SW United states of america) – formerly Parapavo/Pavo
  • Meleagris crassipes (Later Pleistocene of SW North america)

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